The Executive Presidency of KSSH, in the continuing meeting, today analyzed the financial budget of 2020 and […]
In the premises of the Fason Company “Silvana-Sh”, in Shkodra, a working meeting was held between Mrs. […]
The Pensioners Network in KSSH is a trade union organization of all pensioners and all professions. He […]
There is only one way… Law enforcement, administration of justice and restoration of dignity to oil workers… […]
The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) has been active on the World Decent Work Day […]
KSSH proposal: 2 thousand euros salary for doctors, 1 thousand euros for nurses. The full statement of […]
On January 23, 2020, at the premises of Hotel “Pavarësia” Vlora has been convened the Regional Assembly […]
More than half of Albanian enterprises lost their employees during the past year due to emigration, which, […]
On January 17, 2020, the KSSH Assembly of Elbasan was convened. This was the first meeting for […]
The Collective Labor Bargaining is signed between the Trade Union Federation of Industrial Workers (member of KSSH) […]
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