Building Workers’ Power

September 3, 2020 – Doctors today are Albania!

KSSH proposal: 2 thousand euros salary for doctors, 1 thousand euros for nurses.

The full statement of KSSH in MARCH 2020, addressed to the Government and Deputy Minister Rama for the drastic increase of salaries for nurses and doctors!!!

The mass appearance of Albanians on Saturday after a spontaneous call to applaud the “White T-shirts” was a clear indication that today doctors and nurses are the ones who should unite us and not divide us.

The coronavirus is already among us, the human being has died, over 50 people are infected, hundreds more are waiting for the answer to the analysis and 2.5 million other Albanian residents in the country are in anxiety, self-quarantined in their homes.

At the forefront of this battle are the white T-shirts, who on behalf of the Hippocratic Oath have put the health of patients before themselves, their families and their lives.

They do not ask for merit, they do not ask for advertisements, they do not appear to us on the screens, but choose to appear in front of the coronavirus with the objective of preventing its spread. Today they are on duty and we have nothing at hand but unlimited support for them in any circumstance.

Today there is endless room for criticism, but the time is not right and why it is understandable that the militants of the opposition and the majority will consume the politics of the day, but in the river of their ignorance no longer drown their family members and no longer Albanian citizens, who knows well when it is time for propaganda, when it is time for opposition and when it is time for solidarity.

Today respect for doctors should not be temporary until we get through this crisis, but permanent and their dignity should triumph over militancy.

The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania has been proposing to the Albanian government for three years a salary increase for doctors and nurses.

We have demanded that the salary for doctors go up to 2 thousand euros while for nurses to go up to 1 thousand euros.

This request of ours in October 2018 was received with skepticism, but time proved to be fair and logical.

The coronavirus pandemic will radically change the health system throughout the globe and consequently in Albania.

White “T-shirts” will be among the highest paid people in society, as they have in hand the most precious thing, our life.

This salary level proposed by KSSH if it was approved today would have turned into a strong weapon in the battle against covid 19.

In the first place the hemorrhage of the white shirts would have been stopped and today we would have more qualified soldiers in battle.

After overcoming this challenge, the majority, the opposition, the unions, the interest groups, the civil society, we must come together to learn from the mistakes and start the recovery with the white shirts, because they are Albania today.