The Collective Labor Bargaining is signed between the Trade Union Federation of Industrial Workers (member of KSSH) and the Energy Company, the Electricity Transmission System Operator.

After several months of work, the Trade Union Federation of Industrial Workers of Albania (member of KSSH) has managed to successfully complete the negotiations for the signing of the Collective Labor Bargaining with the public Company of Electricity Transmission System Operator.

With the signing of this Collective Bargaining the entire cycle of collective contracting by FSPISH with all Public and Private Companies operating in our country such as Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity is now closed.

This enables the FSPISH to be a serious negotiating partner not only with national-level employer structures in the energy sector, but also with international regional structures including the Vienna Secretariat.

Albania’s integration into the European Energy Market is now becoming a reality and FSPISH is a potential actor that engages and protects energy workers with professional competence and loyalty.

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