Building Workers’ Power

October 7, World Day for Decent Work

The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) has been active on the World Decent Work Day 7 October. The President of KSSH Mr. Kol Nikollaj through the media, TV channels such as Vizion Plus, social networks, etc. has presented the difficult situation that Albanian employees are going through in the conditions created by the Covid-19 Pandemic, unemployment, occupational safety and health, low wages, job losses, and many other problems which are vital not only for employees, trade unionists, but for society as a whole. He stressed that in order to overcome this situation and to minimize the negative effects, a better cooperation is required between the social partners: the state, employers and employees.

Likewise, Mrs. Suzana Lulaj, Secretary General of the Federation of Trade Unions of Textile, Garment, Leather and Craft Services of Albania through social networks and TV Vizion Plus has presented the very difficult situation for the Fasons sector as the most affected in the country by the Pandemic, unemployment in this sector, low wages, and the difficult situation for women which make up over 95% of the total number of employees in this industry. She called on the Government to increase salaries, support this sector from bankruptcy, improve working conditions, etc.

Employment and Occupational Health and Safety, as a fundamental factor to determine decent work and dignified life has been and remains the Keyword of our union, KSSH. Occupational Safety and Health, Wage and a dignified reward are fundamental elements for ensuring a normal life and for meeting the dignified needs of every worker and citizen. This starts from the calculation of the minimum wage as the basic level on which salaries, pensions, bonuses, etc. are calculated. Therefore KSSH demands an urgent increase to 30,000 ALL per month of the minimum wage, a constitutional obligation of every Government. The minimum wage and the living minimum are a fundamental human right which fight poverty and guarantee security for citizens. When we talk about the welfare and dignity of the employee without raising the minimum wage and without setting the living minimum it is like building a roof without foundations. Only this will orient the economy from poverty to prosperity as poverty is not natural but it comes from the usurpation of development, from political stability.