Building Workers’ Power

Meeting of the Steering Structures of KSSH in Elbasan

On January 17, 2020, the KSSH Assembly of Elbasan was convened. This was the first meeting for 2020 and identified the issues raised in each sector and its objectives for the current year.

The meeting was held with the presence of the main representative of the KSSH: President Mr. Kol Nikollaj, Vice President Mrs. Anisa Subashi, Organizational Secretary Mr. Hajdar Kanani, General Secretary of Health Federation Mr. Petrit Frangu, Head of the Network of Pensioners Mr. Ferit Duka etc.

Mrs. Blerina Borici, Coordinator of KSSH for Elbasan District in her speech presented the socio-economic situation and the situation of trade unions in Elbasan County, the problems that exist, and the work that all KSSH structures need to do to have better achievements in the service of interests of employees in Elbasan County.

The meeting discussed the tasks arising after the proceedings of the 6th Congress of the KSSH in November 2019.

Also discussed were the main problems that trade unions have in Elbasan District.

The current situation was analyzed by each Chairman of the sections of the Elbasan Trade Union Councils attending the meeting. Mr. Kol Nikollaj expressed his support and readiness to find solutions for each sector.