Building Workers’ Power

Successful visit of the representatives of the American Trade Union AFL-CIO at the KSSH Headquarters

Representatives of the American AFL-CIO, Led by Executive Director of Solidary Center, Ms. Shawna Bader-Blau, together with Regional Director for Europe Mr. Rudy Porter and Balkan Representative Mr. Laurie Clements, and Mr. Jeff Weeler visited the KSSH Headquarters in Tirana today.

American Friends were welcomed in separate meetings by the KSSH President Mr. Kol Nikollaj, as well as the ex Director of the Trade Unions Center For Training and Research of Albania, the KSSH Vice President Mrs. Anisa Subashi.

The KSSH leadership familiarized senior AFL-CIOs with the progress,  reform and restructuring of KSSH over the years. With the national and international activity of the KSSH, as well as with the history and current state of trade union movement in our country.

American friends appreciated the positive achievements and encouraged with their support all the movement and trade union action of the KSSH, especially in terms of union qualification and training where they promised concrete support.

The AFL-CIO representatives were interested in a special and extended meeting with all the key leaders of the Trade Unions Federations, members of the KSSH.

They were informed by the Secretaries-General of the Federations on all the social and economic situation Albanian workers are going through, as well as on the problems and challenges that the Albanian trade unions are facing, including the urgent need for co-operation, riconciliation and coordination of joint national activities, with all unions inside or outside the Confederate dome.

Interesting, was the parallelism between the two leaders, Rama and Trump, is that both of them, in unison, are fighting and not creating jobs for trade unions in both countries.

The relevant youth, woman and pensioners networks of KSSH presented the problematic situation of youth employment and migration, their low job security, the involvement of women in trade unions and especially in the trade union, the work done to eliminate them the violence of their harassments at work, including the campaigns organized by the KSSH for gender equality, the adoption of the new Convention, no. 190, of ILO together with Recommendation No. 206. Low salaries and pensions and lack of quality public services remain a cause of poverty, the informal economy, trafficking and corruption in our country.

The AFL-CIO representatives brought personal greetings to the President of the AFL-CIO, Mr. Richard Trumka, for the 6th Congress of the KSSH and confirmed the participation of a high-level delegation in the congress.