Building Workers’ Power

September 9, 2020 – KSSH demands the Government to increase the Minimum Wage

KSSH requests the Albanian Government to immediately increase the Minimum Wage to 30.000 leke per month.

The minimum wage is one of the most important elements in economic and social policies that the state should consider.

The effects of increasing the Minimum Wage are numerous, especially to employees in terms of psychology and motivation, as well as to employers and the country’s economy as a whole, this has a very positive impact.

Increasing the minimum wage affects not only the motivation and increase of productivity at work, but also the formalization and better restructuring of the labor market.

It positively affects employment, fairer income distribution and price stability.

Increasing the Minimum Wage has a positive positive effect on increasing the income of low-wage and unskilled employees. It has positive effects on reducing poverty and making good use of economic assistance programs.

Raising the minimum wage will have a positive impact on hourly employment, business firm spending, cash flow, consumption growth, growth and performance improvement in health and social insurance, guaranteeing the success of the new pension reform.

Increasing the Minimum Wage reduces social deprivation and reduces and eliminates crime.

Above all, raising the Minimum Wage protects human capital from unfair and underpaid exploitation for the work it does.

Therefore, the General Assembly of KSSH requests from the Albanian Government the immediate increase of the minimum wage from 26,000 leke to 30,000 leke per month.