Building Workers’ Power

The Draft Budget for 2020, the KSSH requires the involvement of Social Partners

On 18.11.2019, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania organized a meeting with the invited expert Prof. Arben Malaj, President of the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance, external expert of the KSSH.

The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania is attaching particular importance to the 2020 draft budget issue.

We consider the budget as a genuine political act in view of the country’s economic developments.

The KSSH concludes that the Government has been working in the dark for information in drafting this draft budget. She has not consulted with any social actors, not passing this draft budget on to the National Labor Council, its Specialized Committees, or the public administration boards where KSSH is a participant.

However, we are working hard with the Albanian Parliament and its relevant Committees to take our observations and suggestions into consideration.

 The KSSH requires a reformulation of this budget in social terms, in terms of employment, in terms of wages and pensions, especially in raising the minimum wage, in regulating the transparency of the fiscal process, and in increasing investment in improving the quality of services to the public.

 The KSSH requires that the minimum wage in 2020 be 33,000 ALL and for 2021 to be 36,000 ALL. To evaluate and promulgate the official minimum living, which, through a special national agreement, to start its implementation in stages and in time.

 The KSSH requires a 10% increase in pensions and 15% of village pensions, as well as a Special Status for Third Age.

 The KSSH requires the 2020 budget to have a defined, social package for the needy, the disabled, the social assistance, a New Year’s retirement bonus, and an increase in compensation for former owners and politically persecuted .

 For all this, KSSH is working with working groups and experts from civil society and academia, led and led by Prof. Arben Malaj, KSSH External Partner, President of the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance.

 It was in this context that today an extended meeting was held with all the KSSH leadership, to exchange information and to articulate professionally all KSSH concerns and proposals regarding the 2020 Budget.