Building Workers’ Power

October 7, 2020 – Global Day of Decent Work

Employment and Occupational Health and Safety, as a fundamental factor to determine decent work and dignified life has been and remains the keyword of our union.

Occupational Safety and Health, Wages and a dignified reward are fundamental elements for ensuring a normal life and for meeting the dignified needs of every worker and citizen.

This starts from the calculation of the minimum wage as a basic level on which salaries, pensions, bonuses, etc. are calculated. Therefore, KSSH demands an urgent increase to 30,000 ALL per month of the minimum wage, a constitutional obligation of every government.

The minimum wage and the vital minimum are a fundamental human right which fight poverty and guarantee security for citizens. When we talk about the welfare and dignity of the employee without raising the minimum wage and without setting a subsistence minimum it is like building a roof without foundations. Only this will orient the economy from poverty to prosperity as poverty is not natural but it comes from the usurpation of development, from political stability.