Building Workers’ Power

November 25, 2020 – ITUC Executive Council Meeting (Anisa Subashi)

The 22nd Meeting of the Executive Council of ITUC took place online, where from KSSH participating was the Deputy President of KSSH, Mrs. Anisa Subashi.

At first all participants stood up and observed a minute of silence in respect of the lives lost by Covid-19, as well as colleagues lost during this time.

In the meeting Mrs. Sharan Burrow, Secretary General of ITUC, referred to the situation where unions around the world are and the challenges they face, as well as the focus of work during this time of ITUC, campaigns undertaken, policies and key work points for 2020 -2021. She stressed that the time has come to reiterate our demands that the recovery plan must be directed towards social protection, dignified work, employee rights, social dialogue, safety and health, functional social and economic democracy, etc.

In this meeting they discussed the situation, challenges as well as the plans, policies and actions taken by the leaders of other trade union institutions such as ETUC, AFL-CIO, UNI, ITF, etc.

The President of AFL-CIO, Mr. Richard Trumka in his speech first thanked all the brothers and sisters of international unions, as well as ITUC, for the solidarity and support given not only in recent weeks, but also in recent years under the Trump administration and then emphasizing that we need to build a better global future together and with a dignified life, unveiled some of the priorities of the AFL-CIO work agenda in the future.

On the second day of the meeting there were various regional reports, as well as the financial ones of the meetings of the Executive Bureau of ITUC, 2019, the Audit Committee, ITUC Regional Organizations, Budget for 2021, Solidarity Fund, etc.

Relevant voting was held for all issues discussed.