Building Workers’ Power

July 20, 2020 – Meeting of the Executive Presidency of KSSH

Tirana, on July 20, 2020. In the premises of KSSH, in Kombinat Tirana, met the Executive Presidency of KSSH.

The Executive Presidency of KSSH discussed and approved all the Draft-Decisions that will be presented on 22.08.2020, General Assembly of KSSH, which will meet at the premises of Hotel Tirana International, at 10:00 dt.22.08.2020.

The General Assembly of KSSH will constitute all statutory decision-making structures of KSSH approved and decided by the 6th Congress of KSSH.

In addition, a special and open public discussion will be organized by the GA of KSSH for the post Covid situation in our country. This analysis will be conducted in a capillary manner in all structures of KSSH, offering alternatives and solutions concrete for the created situations, especially those of unemployment, poverty, protocols and antiCovid measures, as well as the union reorganization, strengthening and consolidation in all professional and territorial structures of the country, as the best opportunity for collective self-organization of workers, their protection and representation as well as the successful development of a social-productive dialogue, and the signing of collective bargaining as successful as possible.