Building Workers’ Power

January 11, 2021 – Contribution for Covid-19

Concrete contribution of KSSH for 10 Hospitals with two wheelchairs for each hospital, in the fight against # Covid19.

KSSH, as the signatory union of the Collective Bargaining in the entire public health system is cooperating and is asking the government to pay more attention to the economic treatment of doctors and nurses and to ensure the improvement of their daily working conditions, as well as health safety. In work.

These days KSSH donates two wheelchairs to 10 hospitals in need. These wheelchairs were made possible by a donation from the Humanitarian Foundation “TZU-CHI Foundation” with headquarters in Taiwan.

KSSH thanks its friends from faraway Taiwan who showed solidarity and are supporting the Albanian trade unionists and health personnel.



# KSSHconcreteworkantiCovid19