Building Workers’ Power

December 7, 2020 – ILO Board Meeting. Women’s Empowerment

The first meeting of the ILO Project Board Members was held: “Empowering Women against Covid-19 (EWAC)”, where KSSH was represented by

Mrs. Anisa Subashi, Deputy President of KSSH and Director of the Trade Unions Center for Training and Research of Albania, and Mrs. Suzana Lulaj, Secretary General of the Federation of Trade Unions of Textiles, Garments and Craft Services of Albania.

This project is of particular importance, as it is conceived as a concrete and direct assistance to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In its composition, this project includes 3 phases:

  1. Direct financial assistance, of 3 minimum wages, for women who have lost their jobs in the textile sector, which will be selected about 400 women.
  2. Improving working conditions in tailoring
  3. Building bridges of cooperation of suppliers and companies where this cooperation has been severed due to the pandemic.

During the meeting, the members of the Project Board discussed the “Selection Mechanism” of the final beneficiaries: Women who have been employed in the production or processing of textiles / footwear (fason sector) but the employment relationship has been terminated due to the impact that Covid-19 has been in this sector and they need urgent support, where they also agreed on selection criteria, such as:

From the total number of tailoring companies will be evidenced a list of: Textile companies that are part of the associations affiliated to the Employers’ organization, and not only, will a list of textile companies whose workers are members of the Trade Unions be recorded:

The geographical territory where the project will be focused is determined (Geographical criteria)

– Complete list of fired women (from companies that meet the criteria) from where:

Records how many women are unemployed & who have not managed to benefit from Anti-Covid – Financial Packages it is evidenced how many women have not been able to benefit from the payment of unemployment income and payment of economic assistance it is

-Evidenced how many women are heads of households, number of children and dependents of the unemployed woman etc.