19 January 2021 – ILO Brochure (Anisa Subashi)

Mrs. Anisa Subashi, Deputy President of KSSH and Director of the Trade Unions Center for Training and Research of Albania (QTSSSH) appears before KSSH members with a new publication, and which will serve as a supporter for information, and not only, for trade unionists, but also as a guide for Albanian institutions to ratify a Convention by the Albanian Parliament as soon as possible.


“If you want peace, cultivate justice”


“ILO Convention No. 190 and its Recommendation No. 206” Against Violence and Harassment “an instrument that strongly protects it”.

The second edition is made by me in December 2020 (after the Manual for Covid-19), which is fast, as part of the ratification campaign of this Convention and the Recommendation by the Albanian Parliament, make the distribution to enterprises and institutions where KSSH has Collective Bargaining and members will provide information and the need for this legal document that can be ratified can be used in their protection.

In this edition you will create: translated into Albanian Convention no.190, Recommendation no. 206, Resolution;

basic information on the ILO and the ILO standard setting process;

principles of Convention no.190, why protection instruments are needed, and when violence occurs, how it is addressed, the capabilities of Governments-Employers-Trade Unions, what we can do if I have violence;

Albanian legislation addressing violence and harassment;

KSSH’s work in relation to the Convention;


Soon all over Albania…