Building Workers’ Power

July 29, 2020 – Concrete contribution of KSSH in the fight against #Covid19.

In the framework of international cooperation and solidarity, KSSH is working with friends and partners from all over the world to exchange information, exchange experiences and share experiences, as well as collect contributions and humanitarian aid to help as few health system employees as they really are heroes of the day and at the forefront line of the pandemic war against the Covid-19 virus.

KSSH, as the signatory union of the Collective Bargaining in the entire public health system is cooperating and is asking the government to pay more attention to the economic treatment of doctors and nurses and to ensure and improve the safety conditions of their health at work.

These days, with the interest of the Executive Presidency of KSSH, it became possible to donate a considerable amount of anti-Covid protective equipment, mainly dusted work gloves, professional surgical masks, digital thermometers, etc. Equipment donated to Durres Regional Hospital and Kruje Hospital.

These devices were made possible by the Humanitarian Foundation “TZU-CHI Foundation” with headquarters in Taiwan.

KSSH thanks its friends from far Taiwan who showed solidarity and are supporting the Albanian health staff.

The President of KSSH, Mr. Kol Nikollaj through a letter of thanks thanked the Humanitarian Foundation TZU-CHI, as well as personally the Head of the TZU-CHI Foundation, Mrs. Frau Susan CHEN who promises that this cooperation will continue in the future.

She thanked the KSSH structures for the seriousness of the cooperation and the solidarity shown and promised the launch this week of a second contingent of humanitarian aid, mainly wheelchairs and other equipment for the disabled, which by KSSH, will be donated to Hospitals Psychiatrists Elbasan and Vlora.



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