Building Workers’ Power

July 28 2020 – Meeting with the Director of Durres Regional Hospital.

Working meeting of the KSSH Leader with the Director of Durres Regional Hospital.

On 28.07.2020 in the premises of the Regional Hospital of Durres was held a working meeting of the leaders of KSSH, the President of KSSH, Kol Nikollaj, Deputy President Mrs. Anisa Subashi, the General Secretary of the Health Trade Unions Federation Mr. Petrit Frangu and the President of the Trade Union of this Hospital, Mrs. Franceskina Gega and the Director of the Durres Regional Hospital, the infectious disease doctor Mrs. Nadire Kërtusha (Jani).

The meeting was a continuation of the meetings that the KSSH leadership is undertaking in all hospitals and other health institutions of the country to get acquainted with the health situation, working conditions and safety of medical staff, especially nurses and doctors who are also the heroes of the day, in the face of the war with the #Covid19 virus.

The director presented the situation in the Regional Hospital of Durres, evidenced the good work and efforts of this staff who have faced in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic and the earthquake at the end of last year. She stressed the need for cooperation with the union and all other social actors in order to create a common social front to cope with difficult pedagogical situations.

KSSH executives demanded once again that medical staff is in great need of financial motivation and support with the appropriate logistics and material basis for their protection from Covid virus infection.

The correct implementation of the Collective Labor Bargaining and the creation of necessary spaces for trade union activity in the Durres Regional Hospital should serve as motivation and an example of positive experience for other public institutions or public and private enterprises and companies which do not institutionally consider and bypass and evaluate trade unions politically.