Building Workers’ Power

December 25, 2020 – Fier, Collective Bargaining

As a gift for the Christmas holiday for the employees of the Fason Company “Picari” shpk, the Federation of Trade Unions of Textile, Garment and Craft Workers signs the Collective Labor Bargaining.

The Collective Labor Bargaining, with the company “Picari” shpk, Patos, will serve as a constitution in the hands of employees guaranteeing institutionally employment, safety at work, guaranteed health at work, decent salaries and bonuses, etc.

In addition to the tireless work of the General Secretary of the Trade Union Federation of Textiles, Fason, and Crafts, Mrs. Suzana Lulaj, a contribution to the negotiation and signing of this collective bargaining was given by Mrs. Anisa Subashi Deouty President of KSSH and Mr. Rrapo Isufaj, Regional Coordinator of KSSH for Fier region.



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