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December 11, 2020 – KSSH message on violence

In the “International Human Rights Day”, within the international campaign of “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence”, under the slogan


The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania addressed its awareness message in support of efforts to eliminate gender-based violence in the family, at work and everywhere.

KSSH, as an organization where women have given their voice and support to address and represent working women with dignity and strength, has in its leadership 50% women, who under the leadership of the Deputy President of KSSH, Mrs. Anisa Subashi in these 16 days of activism, but also every day in their work in the Trade Union Federations of KSSH, the priority of their focus is the rights and dignity of working women.

The General Secretaries of the Federations, the Coordinators of the KSSH in the Districts, the Coordinator of the Women’s Network of the KSSH together with those of the Federations of the KSSH are engaged together on this day, but also as part of the campaign undertaken by KSSH for ratification, provision of information, as well as awareness on ILO Convention No. 190 ️ on “Elimination of Sexual Violence and Harassment in the Workplace”, as a very important instrument in protection of workers’ rights and dignity and which sets a new standard in the legal framework and related practices.

A secure workplace, free from violence and gender-based harassment, as well as without inequality is a fundamental human right for every employee, and on Human Rights Day 2020, we must remember that denial of human rights, including workers’ rights, is bringing inequality, exclusion, despair and mistrust, while increasing global susceptibility to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is already a need and necessity to have a new social contract, based on a foundation of human and labor rights. Trade unions are essential, not only for fairness in work and decent workplaces, but also as defenders of human rights that all people should be able to enjoy without fear. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stands as vivid today as it did in its beginnings as the foundation for building a just and dignified future.




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