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  • The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania, KSSH, is established and operates on volunteer alignment of Trade Union Federations of Professions or branches of economy- From the need of workers to defend itself in the new social and economical conditions and developments.
  • Was organized starting with the establishment of trade unions councils at work places, trade unions of branches, professions, Confederation.
  • During the period February – May 1991 this starting process was concluded successfully with the setting up of all Conferences of Professions and branches Trade Union Federations.

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  • On 05 June 1991, was gathered in Tirana the Conference for the establishment of Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania.
  • In this Conference were represented all the Trade Union Federations that wanted to be affiliated at the Confederation.
  • In the Conference was discussed for the new Organization Program and Statute and were taken decisions which were considered of historical importance for the Albanian trade union movement.
  • In the Conference were elected as Chairman of KSSH, Mr. Kastriot Muca and General Secretary Mr. Alfred  Xhomo.
  • In accordance with main documents approved in its leading structures, KSSH has as its mission to protect the rights and interest of its members based in Albanian legislation and in International Conventions. .

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  • Maintenance and development of a powerful National Trade Union organization, united, pluralist, representative and democratic,
  • Meaningful employment and freely selected, prosperity and better standardization of life for all its members, including pensions and salary insurance, adjustment of working time and health and safety at work.
  • To guarantee full integration of women in trade union organizations and to promote actively gender equality in its decision-taking structures at all levels.
  • To support young workers rights for an appropriate work, education and training, their complete participation at all decision-taking levels.

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  • KSSH establishing Conference: hold on 05 June 1991
  • I Regularly Congress: Hold on 29-30 May 1995, was elected as Chairmen Mr. Kastriot Muço.
  • II Regularly Congress: Hold on 24-25 June 2000, was elected as Chairmen Mr. Kastriot Muço.
  • III Regularly Congress: Hold on 25-26 November 2004, was elected as Chairmen Mr. Kol Nikollaj.
  • Statutory Conference: Hold on 22 November 2005. In this Conference were done important changes at KSSH Statute and Program.
  • IV Regularly Congress: Hold on 29 November 2009, was elected as President Mr. Kol Nikollaj

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  • Institutional meeting with Mr. Ilir Meta Government – 2001
  • Collaboration Agreement with Mr. Fatos Nano Government – 15.04.2002
  • Collaboration Agreement with Mr. Fatos Nano Government – 05.05.2003
  • Institutional meeting with Mr. Fatos Nano Government – February 2004

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  • KSSH and its Trade Unions Federations a great importance has given to collaboration with European and international trade unions organizations and also trade unions organization as sisters of deferent European countries
  • KSSH is affiliated to International Trade Unions Confederation – ITUC. Also the 12 Trade Unions Federations are affiliated in respective Internationals Secretariates of this Confederation.