The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH-CTUA) is the largest trade union organization in Albania. CTUA already operates as one big family and social care which is filling two decade life, be it the swift and very powerful. Today CTUA has passed its “adolescence” stage and is at the peak of maturity about its activity and productivity. Its 20 years age, has taught us and strengthen us to clearly orient in a pluralistic society and market economy. Strategic and political orientation of CTUA in these years has been clear. We are united, integrated and included in the forces that support and are conducting democratic transformation of our post-communist society.


Recent activities


Zhvillohet Kongresi i IV i Konfederates se Sindikatave te Shqiperise

Kongresi i IV i KSSH   Me datën 24 Nëntor 2009 në Sallën Kryesore të Pallatit të Operas dhe Baletit, Tiranë u zhvillua Kongresi i IV i KSSH. Kongresi shënoi mbylljen e fushatës së zgjedhjeve në të gjithë strukturat e...[more]


KSSH hold on the General Assembly meeting

On 29 November 2010 at Holiday Workers House, in Durres, KSSH hold on the General Assembly meeting. At the meeting was analyzed the activity of KSSH of the year 2010 (January – December), the situation under way of the duties of...[more]


KSSH hold on its General Assembly meeting on 17 July 2010

KSSH hold on its General Assembly meeting. On 17 July 2010 at Trade Unions Centre for Training and Research of Albania (QTSSSH), was gathered the KSSH General Assembly. At the meeting was analyzed the KSSH activity from the IVth...[more]

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