The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH- CTUA) is the largest trade union organization in Albania. CTUA already operates as one big family and social care which is filling two decade life, be it the swift and very powerful. Today CTUA has passed its “adolescence” stage and is at the peak of maturity about its activity and productivity. Its 30 years age, has taught us and strengthen us to clearly orient in a pluralistic society and market economy. Strategic and political orientation of CTUA in these years has been clear. We are united, integrated and included in the forces that support and are conducting democratic transformation of our post-communist society. During this period we are made important institutional actors, we did our legitimate social and economic requirements to fulfill our noble mission as defender of the real socio-economic interests of the Albanian employees. These requirements are consistently associated with specific missions and activities of the trade union movement. In the following years are managed and accompanied with debates, consensus, social and civil dialogue in order to alleviate the effects of depreciation of political, economic and social reforms, with good purpose and only to perform with a little pain and consequences for our members, community and society in general..

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Anisa Subashi

Vice President of CTUA

Kol Nikollaj

President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania

Hajdar Kanani

Organizational Secretary of KSSH

Taf Koleci

General Secretary of the Federation of Industries

Suzana Lulaj

General Secretary of the Federation of Textile

Hajrush Collaku

General Secretary of the Federation of Education

Jona Vina

General Secretary of the Federation of Agriculture, Livestock

Tonin Gjinaj

General Secretary of the Federation of Transport

Petrit Frangu

General Secretary of the Federation of Health

Nikoll Doci

General Secretary of the Federation of Trade

Aleksander Dodani

General Secretary of the Construction Federation

Police Services

Police Services

Public Administration

Federation of Public Administration

Aida Llazani

Head of Economic Department, CTUA

Besiana Mile

Women's network coordinator

Ardit Vranici

Youth network coordinator

Ferit Duka

Retirement network coordinator

Union Center

Union Center

Leonora Cino

Audit Finance Committee

Albana Llapi

Statute Commission

Human resource

Nikoll Doci Department of Organization and Human Resources
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