Marrëdhëniet e punës dhe tregu i punës. Sistemi i marrëveshjeve kolektive.

MARRËDHËNIET E PUNËS DHE TREGU I PUNËS. SISTEMI I MARRËVESHJEVE KOLEKTIVE Dr. Nikoll DOÇI, Studiues, Konfederata e Sindikatave të Shqipërisë Abstract Labor relations and labor market. The system of collective agreements. After 1990, with the change of economic social order in Albania changed labor relations. A market economy will be reflected in labor relations between employers and employees. Employers now is not only the state but rather constitute the majority of employers in the private sector, and therefore labor relations in the private sector. Changing labor relations was accompanied by profound changes in legislation. legislation has been improving from year to year. Labor relations are defined by the labor market. This market almost throughout the period of more than two decades has failed to meet the rising demand for labor. Economic growth is relatively high rates is not accompanied by the same level of creation of new jobs and their sustainability. In these conditions there were premises for high unemployment, undeclared work by violating the very rights of the employees. The level of poverty has been and is high, so the minimum wage has been very low. Albania did not have a tradition of social dialogue. Hence arose the dialogue structures. But the dialogue has been and remains one of the most important tasks of social partners. Respect for the rights of employees, the application of labor relations legislation depends on cooperation and partnership, the development of bilateral and tripartite social dilaugut. The fight against informality and evasion is important for improving labor relations. Keywords: labor relations, labour market, social dialogue, employment, informality.


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