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20.09.2017 00:00 Age: 1 yrs

The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania opposes the "merging" of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth

All us are witness to a ruthless and unstudied statement made by Prime Minister Rama recently to the Italian business that they have to come in Albania invest because "here there are no trade unions". These days is happening the same phenomenon but passed from social to political rails. For this phenomenon our society really needs to be worried. In the last three days the public opinion is discussing with diligence and this public opinion is crippled by the curiosity about the new government policies of the next four years because for the sake of reality in the electoral campaign nothing was said about these. Unfortunately, the political opposition seems self-excluded or drowsy and out of the way by continuing its old-fashioned "digital opposition" with empty counts as the "Government of Moodiness", "Noriega", "corruption," "drugs, even the ridiculous facebook statement that "this government will fall out of popular revolts".Such statements are childish for the current stage of political, economic, and social development in Albania. "The New Republic" during the electoral campaign filled us with social and economic programs, with full-fledged, new and old experts, domestic and foreign ones. Certainly, we as public are expecting these programs to face the new road now run by the Rama Government with its “single steering wheel “ in the hands. Despite the criticisms that Rama himself has recently appeared in the form of self-control and self-criticism of his 4 years of work, especially in the Mortgage, Health, Diplomacy, Police, etc. I am trying to call "successful" Rama 1 governmental reforms as in public administration, education, health, diplomacy etc. because our connections for the sake of reality with these institutions have been just formal and not institutional or equal partnership as stipulated by the law. Given the above fact , we are currently only detaining at the Ministry responsible for employment (Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth) which, in accordance with our national and international legislation, is responsible for the activity with trade unions. This Ministry has held about one-third of the state budget and has been the main Ministry for the realization and implementation of the entire governing program, since through this ministry the government is associated with more than 1 million families (pensions, social assistance, other bonuses, ex-persecuted, youth, women, etc.) . The competences of this Ministry were extended to all issues of labor and employment; social and health care ;social inclusion; formerly politically persecuted; vulnerable groups; people with disabilities ;gender equality; youth ; vocational education and training, etc. Spreading and transferring all these attributes and functions to the Ministry of Finance and Economy is like "wolf hanging on the liver". This action and decision not only seems to be virtually impossible, but it is in an obvious conflict of interests (i want to bring in your attention the action taken by Berisha Government when they decided to settle the Social Security Institute under the Ministry of Finance and than we witnessed the criticisms and suggestions of international institutions). The government seems to be throwing ash on public's eyes when try to settle this ministry under the armpits of the finances and the economy ;as the same institution will make funding plans and the same institution will control the budget expenditures. So in folkloric terms they say "lal-kros, lal-kros, vete-shkruaj dhe vete firmos" that means the same writes and stamps. It is improper and deceitful even the concealing of the term "social inclusion" by only being suffused with the social care that passes to the Ministry of Health. The transfer seems mechanic and dry without obvious and abusive reasoning for pensions, social assistance and other transitional and compensatory payments to be managed and carried out by the Ministry of Health which during this mandate has had a non-positive experience with public-private partnerships and the concessions of many public services, so we have to be worried if these payments and services will have the same end as 3P . It took 4 years of work and effort to cooperate and be supported by international organizations such as UNDP, ILO, EU, WB, IMF, etc. that social inclusion, social care and employment issues be placed in a European standard. The "Labor Code" was amended, the "National Employment and Skills Strategy 2014-2020" was approved. It took place after 20 years of reform the restructuring of the pension system. The National Health Protection Strategy was approved ; the National Action Plan for LGBT, the Integration of Roms, Egyptians and other National Minorities was approved , also the National Plan for the Protection of the Health ; action for youth, woman, child labor was approved etc. A law was approved and the entire reform of the VET system was completed by turning it into a dual system compatible with EU standards, especially with the successful German speaking countries model in Europe. Trade unions are proud to have cooperated and supported the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth to carry out during this 4-year period all this radical transformation that has been associated and socially oriented in the fulfillment of leftist philosophical and ideological criteria. We have valued the contribution of the leftist government over the past 4 years, which has had its core the involvement and social protection. Today as a clean bolt with a drop of the pen, without any public or even undisputed action promised during the electoral campaign, we are placed ahead of the policy of doing the act by making a political decision by the Government for merging this ministry and passing its under the aegis of finances, economy, health, etc. This decision is taken without foreseeing the difficulties, the timing and the legal ways of transferring the functions, rights and obligations, legal and material constraints, budget lines, adopted or in the process of budgeting. We believe that undertaking such unstudied actions will cause a possibly and irreversible problem in our work and cooperation with the Government as a constructive partner. This really hampers the employment and employment relations in general which today are needed more than ever in our country. This will affect the social dialogue and create a quiescence in enforcing legal acts ; a deformation of labor legislation or the ILO Conventions and Standards , of EU Directives on Trade Unions, Collective Contracting and development of indipendent Social Dialogue . Giving priority in governance to the policies concentrated in finance, capital, and economy , putting aside employment, workers and social inclusion can not be a priority as a goal of a left government. That's where think, maybe "sleep the rabbit of the DP ". DP does not opposes these reforms ; because they do not understand and are unprepared, or they think that the Government is “ bringing water “ to their governing program. Anyway, we think it's the first one. We think the two sides are wrong because "May 18" happened under certain circumstances and could not happen continually no matter who won and who lost. In any case, KSSH as the more organized and effective trade union formation in Albania guarantees that it will make all the institutional and legal efforts that by democratic ways to be not only a loyal lawyer of the Albanian workers but above all a strict supervisor of the government program by punishing any deviation or abuse that is done on detriment of workers and other social strata. By using all the trade union tools that the law guarantees us of course we will provide alternative solutions without political influences, but with professional preparation and always in the fulfillment of our mission as a protector of the social and economcal interests of the workers. Kol NIKOLLAJ President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania
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