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21.06.2017 00:00 Age: 1 yrs

KSSH - Opens membership process in ETUC

An ETUC delegation undertook a mission on 15-16 June 2017 in Albania to verify and evaluate the development and democratic standards of Albanian trade unions , in order to join them in the European family of trade unions. The delegation consisted of: - Jozef Niemich, ETUC, EU - Peter Seideneck, DGB, DE - Fausto Durante, CIGL, IT - Marina Irimie, EPSU, SE Europe - Mikael Nilsson, LO, SE - Tekaya Maher, CFDT, FR . The European Delegation also held meetings in addition to the trade unions with the ILO Office in Tirana, the “Friedrich Ebert Foundation”, the “Olaf Palme Center “ etc. On 16 June 2017, at the Headquarters of KSSH, the official delegation of the ETUC was initially hosted by the President of KSSH mr. Kol Nikollaj, who recognized the delegation with the achievements, goals and objectives of KSSH in terms of democratization and modernization of the Confederal Trade Union Movement as an umbrella trade union which includes all professions, covers the whole territory and is already ready to be a dignified member of the ETUC. Than, the European Delegation held a meeting into the Training and Education Center of KSSH, with the leadership of the KSSH (Executive Presidency). European colleagues were directly acquainted with the representatives of the federations and the organizations of the territory and received detailed information from their activity on the achievements and challenges of KSSH ; praised their work and contribution and stated that now KSSH dream of being a member of ETUC will become a reality because: KSSH as the only trade union that really protects the social economic interests of Albanian workers who group around it most of the members of trade unions , an ITCO / PERC member since 2001 , now is paving its way for the European family of trade unions. KSSH with its changes over the last 7 years in the Statute, Programs, Regulations, Organizational Structure, decentralization of competences, democratization to be internal, involvement of youth and women in all governing structures, its extension to the private sector, organizational consolidation in accordance with the new territorial map, coverage of the entire territory of the country with trade union organization and collective contracting, involvement of all trade unions and collective bargaining, trade union movement and concrete actions, strengthening and consolidation of independence the free legal protection of hundreds of thousands of employees, the improvement of economic performance and the creation of full transparency in the management of economic assets, the drafting of strategies not only of the union organization, but also of the trade union training were the successes that the high level delegation of the ETUC listed for KSSH . The ETUC colleagues, by seeing positive developments in KSSH, assessing the challenges and efforts of KSSH, which has managed to be the only loyal and professional advocate of Albanian workers, expressed their willingness and commitement to open KSSH membership process in the European family of ETUC unions . The European Delegation of Trade Union expressed the belief that KSSH, differently from other trade unions in Albania, has emerged from lack of legitimacy, lack of funds, lack of internal democracy and lack of information technology in communication. European Colleagues concluded that KSSH is a strong, legitimate trade union with the right public authority, independent and representative. It has already managed to increase confidence among Albanian workers by creating their awareness of joining the union. KSSH has increased its capacities especially in the unions of the base, territory and enterprises, improved organizational management, improved economic performance by separating the economic activity from the trade union activity. KSSH is an open organization for political parties and civil society in Albania, it cooperates closely with civil society and academia in the interest of employees and has a significant improvement in technology of information . It develops a real, productive and inclusive social dialogue by leading it to Albania with the majority representation in the NCL and in all other trilateral decision-making structures. This social dialogue is realized by KSSH in the function of its internal organizational development and in the direction of improving collective contracting. Challenges remain to be overcomed by the KSSH for the improvement and achievement of a minimal consensus and cooperation with BSPSH union and it should continue its struggle to adopt by special law precise objective and numerical criteria for the definition of employees and employers and continue the union's commitment on addressing employment challenges with the aim of reaching the ILO's objectives and match the workers aspirations for equal opportunities , decent work in terms of freedom, equality, security and human dignity.
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