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NATIONAL CONFERENCE: WORLD DAY OF DECENT WORK. TIRANA, 7 OCTOBER 2017. In the framework of the "World Day of Decent Work", on Saturday, 07.10.2017 at 10:00 am, at the National Museum Hall, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) organized a National Conference on the topic : "DECENT PAYMENTS AND PENSIONS" This Conference was organized by KSSH in cooperation and with the support from the International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC / PERC and the European Confederation of Trade Unions, ETUC as well as LO, SACO and TCO (three Swedish Trade Union Confederations). For many years, the International Labor Organization (ILO) promotes 7 October as the World Day of Decent Work. KSSH is now accept the definition adopted by the international community and approved by the ILO, engaging itself in decent work, as a productive work for women, men, in terms of freedom, equality, security and human dignity. Decent work provides safe workplaces and social protection for workers and their families, it encourages social integration and guarantees people freedom to express their concerns , also give them the possibility to be organized and participate in decision making that affect their life . Decent work guarantees equal opportunities and chances for everyone. Employment , as a fundamental factor in determining decent work and dignified life , has been and remains the headline of our union. Salary and rewarding bonuses are a fundamental element for providing a normal lifestyle and to fullfil the needs of every worker and citizen. This starts from calculating the minimum wage as the basis for calculating than wages, pensions, bonuses, and so on. Therefore KSSH requires an urgent increase of 28.000 leks per month of the minimum wage, constitutional obligation this of every government. The minimum wage and the minimum of living are a fundamental right of people which fight poverty and guarantee the security of the citizens. When we talk about the welfare and the dignity of employees without increasing the minimum wage and without establishing the minimum subsistence is just like building a foundationless roof. Only this will guide the economy from poverty to well-being because poverty is not natural but it comes from the usurpation of development, from political stabilization. KSSH demands from the Government a special status for the tough jobs of Miner and Metalurg,this as an obligation for those hundreds of thousands of metallurgy workers and miners who have mostly built the national economy since the Second World War . Decent work can not exist without active trade unions and without real collective contracts. These collective contracts will not only lead to decent work but will also turn the dignity of the Albanian workers; who unfortunately are turning to be the "modern slaves" of new capitalism. Precisely for the above mentioned issue and in the context of this important day of the work, KSSH starts a new 1 - year campaign aimed to achieve these goals. To promote this campaign, KSSH stretches out its hand and seeks the cooperation of the whole society, especially sister trade unions, employers, civil society, political parties and especially the media as the fourth and irreplaceable power to promote these campaigns. Kol Nikollaj President of KSSH
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