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29.04.2017 00:00 Age: 1 yrs

Bulqize, Promoted April 28, World Safety and Health Day at Work

Within the framework of the 28th of April, "World Safety and Health Day at Work", the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) in cooperation with the Center for Working Relationships and Social Dialogue (CLRSD) organized this promotion day in the mining town of Bulqiza . Hundreds of miners and their families gathered in the center of the city and got into the boulevard with placards in their hands calling for more attention and dedication to safety and health at work. The president of KSSH, Mr. Kol Nikollaj, in his speech stressed the importance that not only unions, but the whole society should devote to safety and health at work, especially now with the introduction of new technologies or the total amortization of traditional technologies in difficult professions. KSSHs President appealed to the government and policy-making and decision-making bodies for more dedication and attention to provide safe jobs and decent work for all workers . On behalf of CLRSD participants welcomed mr.Arian Hoxha, who stressed the contribution and support that CLRSD provides for working relations and social dialogue, including work safety. At the rally, many of the participating miners took the floor, pointing out the problems and concerns they have. The meeting was closed by the Director of the Life Insurance of the Company "SIGAL" mr. Naim Hasa, who stressed the necessity of life insurance for mining workers and their involvement in private pension schemes. Mr. Hasa gave the news that starting from 1 May this year, Bulqiza mine is already included in these private pension schemes.
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