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02.05.2017 00:00 Age: 1 yrs

1 May 2017- Protest Manifestation organized by the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania

On 1 May 2017, within the framework of the International Day of International Solidarity of Employees, KSSH, in collaboration and supported by the Center for Working Relationships and Social Dialogue (CLRSD), organized a Protest Manifestation to express their demands for decent work , security and health at workplaces, social peace and social dialogue, etc. The event took place at the square called "Unknown Soldier", in the center of Tirana. The main speech of the case, on behalf of KSSH, was held by KSSHs President, Kol Nikollaj. On behalf of CLRSD the discourse was held by Mr. Edison Hoxha. The protest was attended by representatives from trade union organizations all over the country, who sought more freedom and union rights, more commitment and attention from the government and the political class, that their rights guaranteed by law to be implemented in practical. The event was attended by several representatives who spoke for trade unions and workers interests . They asked from the Government of the Left Coalition , as a traditional ally of Trade Unions , to improve governance and to raise the hope for a decent life, with social orientation and real integration in the EU. They asked the government a decent job for employees, wage increases, announcement of the minimum vital amount, job creation, normalization of market prices, reduction of public debt as well as more investments in the public sector, especially in education, health etc.
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